Ceramic Venetian Masks and Decorative Wooden Creations

Veniti -Art is a micro-company created (in July 2003) under the regime of a free artist. It was created by Venetian masks in ceramics and decorative wooden works (door plates, signs, jewelry boxes, night lights for children) (Siret: 44932360900015), Located in Ard├Ęche on the town of Saint-Priest. The vocation of Veniti-Artis the pleasure of designing unique pieces, entirely realized by hand, addressing all persons wishing to acquire original works at accessible prices. All our creations are signed and numbered.

Veniti-Art was conceived by two young artists whose works are influenced not by the Venetian style. The realizations are essentially decorative masks to hang (ceramic plaster, liquid acrylic paint and noble fabrics).

A new range based on ceramic plaster and wood (tea boxes and jewelery boxes) was introduced in 2005. Veniti-Art is launching the year 2008 by creating child-resting appliques and Door and signs.

Following a constant demand (due to our exhibitions and the people who have been following our creations for years), Veniti-Art has set up a distance selling service which allows remote control to be easy to control.

A button ” command ” (menu on the left) tells you the procedure to follow. Secure payment (by credit card or Paypal account) is only available for the ceramic range. The creations of the range wood are customizable, communication via email is essential (as well as payment by check).

However, Veniti-Art is keen to preserve its identity: that of privileging quality to quantity and creation unique to production.

Veniti-Art exhibits from April to October as part of artistic and artistic events.